Questioning Your Worthiness

If you’re questioning your worthiness, I get it. I slay those demons all the time. I tap, pray, breathe, dance, and process on the daily to keep clearing the layers of unworthiness from my being, my lineage, and the collective. It’s not always the question of worthiness that shows up… but it’s “do I deserve… Read more »

Faking orgasms & finding myself

I’ve faked many an orgasm. It’s basically how I got through my teenage years, and truthfully, through university too. I made sounds that I thought my boyfriend or lover wanted to hear, moved my body in ways that I thought looked sexy, and told them how amazing they made me feel. Afterwards, I stared into… Read more »

Honouring Your Rhythm

In the week leading up to and during my Moon time, I have a deep craving to go inwards, to seek solace in the darkness, to rest, to be with nature, and to coddle myself. But life doesn’t always allow that, which at times makes me really angry. As women, we are providers, mothers, partners, creators,… Read more »

The fear of saying yes to your desires

The desire for full sexual expression brings up so many fears in women. Women have been conditioned to stay in a tight and constricted box because others know (and they know) how incredibly powerful they would be if they felt free and uninhibited. I’m so done with that box, are you? And yet, this desire… Read more »

Finding hope on your path

There are so many reasons why you COULD feel hopeless about your experience of sexuality. It makes sense with the constant bombardment of information coming at us everyday around how we SHOULD feel in our own skin and how pleasure SHOULD exist in our lives. I remember receiving dozens of emails a week talking about all of the… Read more »