My Story

Renee Namaste

I’m Renee, and I help women who are feeling stuck, frustrated, and disconnected from their sexuality, uncover their unique and authentic sexual expression that ignites all aspects of their lives.

I love dancing, making and listening to music, singing, delicious food (I may be a little obsessed with chocolate), going on adventures, giggling, playing, being in nature, and sexy time!

Wake up call

A few years ago, I was white knuckling the steering wheel of my car, trying to stay focused on the road with tears streaming down my face.

I had just been diagnosed with aggressive skin cancer. I felt all shades of anger, sadness, and confusion. It took a lot of deep prayer and reflection for me to understand why this was happening to me.

Louise Hays says that Cancer is the body’s response to deep hurt, secret, or grief, that hasn’t been processed. It all made perfect sense.

I had been sexually abused as a child and continued to attract relationships that re-traumatized me.

I had seen psychologists, counselors, hypnotherapists, and shamans in an effort to heal the wound left in me from sexual abuse. I had read tons of books on sexuality, signed up for courses to ‘enhance my pleasure’, was on way too many email lists of personal growth guru’s, and had been grilling my female friends about their sex lives for years. These were all important steps towards my healing, and yet, I still felt broken.

The deep and subconscious wounds of sexual abuse were ruling my life. My financial situation, relationships, sense of purpose, and health, reflected the disharmony and lack of self worth that I felt on the inside.

I felt a deep yearning to fully express myself sexually and creatively, and to step into my power. I knew I was bound for great things, but I felt frozen.

Cancer was my wake up call and I felt a new and unshakeable commitment to put myself first—but I needed support.

You may or may not already be experiencing physical symptoms of this disconnect. I feel so passionate about sharing this message and connecting with you before you have to experience something more serious.

3 big choices

I took a big leap of faith and began working with an Intuitive Life Coach. I knew she was the perfect person to work with because she had had so many similar experiences and was using them as fuel to create a beautiful life. My heart and soul said yes and I trusted that. Thank God. Having a woman hold space for me, listen, and guide me through transformative processes, was life changing and healing on a cellular and soul level.

I packed my bags and moved to Edmonton, AB, to become a certified Ecstatic Dance Facilitator. I deepened my practice of allowing the body to express itself through movement and sound, and discovered that I too could hold sacred space for transformation. It awakened the sexual energy in my womb and ignited my creativity.

I made a life changing decision and went to California to get my EFT Practitioner certificate. This took me to the darkest parts of my being and showed me how sexual trauma was at the core of so many of my issues.

There was so much other support and learning along the way, the theme—understanding that I am worthy of experiencing freedom & pleasure and a deep knowing that I’m here to support other women through this journey.

This is the divine right of all women.

Renee Sky

Bowing to the journey

And so, here I am now, a version of myself that I had only dreamed of. I am in love with my soul mate, life, God, and myself. It’s taken a lot of spiritual and personal growth to get here—but it’s the journey that makes me feel rich.

I now know that in sex and life, soul-satisfying pleasure and joy are possible. I couldn’t have done it alone—you don’t have to either.

Throughout the last 5 years it’s become oh-so-clear to me that it is my calling to serve you. My experiences, natural talents, energy, trainings & teaching I’ve received have all guided me to help you. And, it would be my honor.

You are so ready for this. You deserve this. You are worthy of this. Let me show you what’s possible.

♥ Renee